Privacy Policy

(Last updated: December 7, 2021)

When using the site ( functionality, you agree that we can use the information about your account and the server within our Service. Our Service includes the use of our website (, our application and our Bot called "Server Monitoring".

The site ( is not affiliated with the official Discord Inc.(, we provide our users with the opportunity to place information about their Discord servers on our server list. All data remains the property of the account holder or Discord Inc ( and can be deleted from the servers of our site ( at any time.

"Our Bot" means a verified Discord Bot called "Server Monitoring", which was created by the developers (or owners) of our Service for use in the Discord App.
"We" means the owners (or developers) of this Service.
"Discord API" is the official Discord API that allows you to authorize and retrieve data about a Discord user and its servers. Discord provides open access for developers to the official API through registration and verification of their applications.

The "Login" button on our website authorizes the user with our application through the official Discord API over the OAuth2 protocol.
After you log in to our site, we will automatically collect some information through your Discord account and our Bot, which you add to your Discord server:
- Your user information: email, username, discriminator, user avatar, user ID;
- Server information: server icon, total number of server members, number of online members on the server, server owner ID, server invite code.

Protecting Discord Users
We are committed to protecting your personal information and your privacy. as well as your other data in accordance with the Discord Developer Terms of Service ( and Discord Developer Policy (
We cannot use the Discord API in any way to change the Discord user account without the explicit permission of the Discord user themselves. For example, we cannot add a Discord user to Discord (also known as a "server") unless that Discord user has explicitly approved joining that Discord (for example, when using an app to find groups).
We cannot post messages that trigger notifications or play audio on behalf of a Discord user, unless such Discord user explicitly agrees to do so.
We cannot obtain passwords or Discord credentials under any circumstances.

Handling data carefully
We may NOT use the Discord API in any way to:
- clear any Discord Data;
- use Discord data for purposes other than those necessary to provide the services of our Service;
- disclose Discord Data to any user without their specific informed consent;
- disclose Discord Data any ad network, data broker or other serviceы related to advertising or monetization;
- store data longer than is necessary for our Service to operate;
- violate Discord's Privacy Policy;
- obtain Discord user passwords to access Discord data;
- sell licensing or otherwise otherwise commercializing any Discord Data, providing or sending services to children under the age of thirteen (13) in the United States or outside the United States, using the age of digital consent;
- process Discord Data in a manner that may harm or conflict with the expectations of Discord users.

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Third Party Websites
Our site may contain links to third party sites or any other sites that are not operated, affiliated with or affiliated with us.
Some links are not under our control and will not form part of this Privacy Policy. These sites are subject to their own Privacy Policy.

Changes to Privacy Policy
The site administration reserves the right to update or change this Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice. Periodically check this policy and, especially, before providing any information. The last privacy policy was updated on the above day. Your continued use of the Site after any changes or revisions to this Privacy Policy should indicate your acceptance of the terms of such a revised Privacy Policy.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this Privacy Policy.
You can contact us using e-mail [email protected] or our Support server.