FAQ - Frequently asked Questions


- How to add my server to the list?

  • Log in then press the button “Add server”
  • Fill in info about your server and don’t forget to add our bot on your server.

Attention: bot updates your server details. Please, don’t remove it or your server will disappear from the public list.

- I accidentally kicked the bot from my server, how do I get it back?

  • Profile → My Servers → Server Settings and click "Add Bot" button.

Bump Point

- What are Bump Point?

  • Bump Points helps us to count position of your server in the list. The more points your server has, the higher it is in the list.

- Where can I earn Bump Points?

  • Press Bump button (profile → my servers) or use a command for bot - !Bump
  • You can earn 4 Bump points every 4 hours. Make sure you press it as often as you can.

- Why all Bump Points disappeared?

  • Bump Points are reset every 1st and 15th day of the month. This helps new servers to make it to the top of the public list.
  • The time until the next reset can be found on the "My servers" page. We use New York time.

- How to get bonus points?

  • In order to get bonus points you need help from several members of your server who will use Bump. The more members on your server use Bump, the better. In other words, you won't get bonus points if you're the only one who uses Bump on the server. The bonus system has a cumulative property or a "snowball" effect, don't be surprised if you get bonus points not when you've been waiting for it.

- What happens if my server has the same Bump points as other servers?

  • When this happens, the system starts using a special algorithm to sort the most active server. Our special formula for calculating the most active server includes information about the number of server members, online and the number of likes.


- What is the use of Likes?

  • Like button allows you to evaluate server.
  • Additional Information: All servers with the same number of Bump points are sorted relative to the number of Likes.

- I can’t Like server. Why?

  • You need to log in.

- How many times can I click on the "Like" button for the same server?

  • Just once.