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English - US
Community, Humor, Anime
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[⚑] A crazy and funny community.
[πŸ’‹] Hot egirls and eboys that are looking to date anyone
[πŸ’–] A 1:1 male to female ratio unlike other servers we don't lie
[πŸ˜†] Make new friends easily
[🀍] Matchmaking
[✨] Chill mods

[😜] Sfw
[🎁] Free advertising channel requires 1 invite to access
[😎] Partnerships and were actively seeking out ping4ping

[🌴] Semi active community
[πŸ‘‘] We gain new members everyday, never missing any new joins.
[🌟] We VC everyday, with a minimum of at least 3 people in the VC a day.
[πŸš€] There's so much more here at Saul Goodman's Studio and we hope we have convinced you to join.