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The Bamboo Cafe

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.・:♡-Welcome to the bamboo cafe-♡:・.

we are a small but growing community, who are happy to welcome anyone who wishes to join!!

╭⋆࿔・what we offer
┊roles for you to pick from!
┊art, pet, and selfie channels (plus more)
┊different VCs for you to chat in
┊a music category for you talk about and listen to your favourite songs!!
┊a vent and confessions channel incase you ever need to get anything out!! (confessions is anonymous)
╰⋆࿔・and lots more channels!!
~our server is non NSFW
~it is a safe space for people in the LGBTQ+ community and others!!!

.・:*♡ so please feel free to check us out and leave any suggestions you may have!!