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The Paw Kingdom

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🌟 The Patris Kingdom 🌟
The Patris Kingdom is a loving community that wishes to bring harmony and unity to furries, the LGBTQ+ community and other people. We want to give people the best of what we can offer, and will always try to accommodate them the best we can.

What we offer
❀️ >> A loving, tight and diverse community
πŸ” >> Strong verification
πŸ’Ό >> A large selection of introductory roles to choose from.
πŸ€– >> Plenty of bots to play with; leveling, custom roles, economy...
🀝 >> Partnerships wit all types of servers
🎁 >> Giveaways and events
πŸ–ŒοΈ >> Variety of hobby channels
🎡 >> Music bots to enjoy

Like the sound of this and want to see what else we offer and may offer in the future? Join and check us out now! Everyone is welcome.