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⭐ CSGO Central is a CSGO server with over 14000 members from all around the world 🌎.

In our server, you can trade your skins, join giveaways, engage with our friendly community, share memes and much more!

Our server provides a safe space for all users. We have an active staff team!

What are you waiting for? Join our server today!

What is CSGO Central?
CSGO Central is a CSGO Trading Discord Server where you can trade your CSGO Skins with other members. CSGO Central has over 7100 members, so there are enough people to trade your CSGO Skins with.

What does the server offer?
CSGO Central is a CSGO Discord Server with many additions. We have skin trading, memes, giveaways, an active staff team, a friendly community, voice channels, and much more!

How can I Trade with other Members?
If you want to trade with a member, you can simply click their steam tradelink in their message and you are prompted a trade screen. You can now send and recieve items from that member through a steam trade.

How does CSGO Central combat scammers
CSGO Central has been combating scammers since 2020 through banning members that scam or attempt to scam.
Our server has a common scams guide, along with a report section where you can report scammers.
The staff team of 5 members will review evidence and take action when needed.
We currently have over 6000 bans!

How can I get unbanned from CSGO Central
If you believe you have gotten banned from our server for an invalid reason, or you want to appeal your ban, you can add Zorex#5752 on discord and state why you should be unbanned.