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Sundown™ 🧡

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English - UK
Anime, Art, Humor
Server description

🌅 Our server is themed around sunsets and that whole aesthetic. It depicts relaxing after a long day and having a fun time.

✨ We have handpicked 100+ emotes that are funny and expressive for you to use. We try to get unique emotes in our server.

🧡 The Sundown™️ community is a community that loves to joke around and have fun. We are accepting of all races, ethnicities, sexualities, etc. The server is open to everyone.

🍸We have added only the most entertaining bots to keep you busy and having fun. The bots are; Dank Memer, Mudae, TacoShack, .fmBot, and many more. Come check them out!

🤝 The staff team is always willing to help out wherever possible within the server so rest assured this is a safe environment.

💬 We frequently have fun in the chats channel, join us - you never know, this may be your new favorite server!